The general distaste for Denver Broncos’ starting quarterback Tim Tebow is derived from a place far outside of the sidelines and end zone. Tebow is hated for reasons stemming from the threshold at which the terms “role model” and “professional athlete” muddle up. Oh, and religion is involved, but no one gets upset about that, right?

Most who dislike Tebow do not think it is necessary for the Heisman Trophy winner to so openly express his spiritual affiliations. His actions have even penciled his name into the routines of stand-up comedians, but that will never stop Tebow from being honest.

In the most notable of examples, Tebow has been seen with “John 3:16” written on his eye black, as well as in a
pro-life television PSA, in which his mother discusses the decision to birth Tim.

Just four months prior, though, running back Reggie Bush (who also won a Heisman) slapped “619,” his home area code, on his eye black strips, though his creativity witnessed a different response. Players all over the country displayed their area codes in trendy fashion. Disarm Tebow’s issue with the weight of religion, and the two cases similarly involve pledging certain allegiances.

The commercial became a bigger issue than imaginable, because it played during the 2010 Super Bowl. Fans did not want a product to preach to them, but at least Tebow represented something in which he believes. Colts QB Peyton Manning has a long-standing endorsement deal with MasterCard, but he just received a 5-year/$90 million contract extension, so it is safe to say he won’t need to charge anything for quite some time. Therefore, it is hard to say if Manning even believes his advertisements’ messages.

As a player, Tebow has been criticized by all, at some point or another. He is an unconventional QB, and it has almost become “cool” to expect inevitable failure for Tebow as a starter. However, he has done an exceptional job so far.

On Sunday, Tebow was off to a shaky start, down 18 points with minutes left in the game, but he put throws where they needed to be down the stretch. I don’t believe in “bad passes” that result in first and goal to potentially tie the game in the fourth quarter.

Following Sunday’s dramatic 18-15 overtime win, Tebow (through 4 starts with Denver) had conducted two 13-point comebacks in the fourth quarter. Broncos executive John Elway is the greatest QB In the team’s history.  In his 15-year career, Elway could only muster two 13-point fourth quarter comebacks of his own.

Additionally (and obscurely), Tebow is also not a bad fantasy football pick. In four career starts, he has put up at least 24 fantasy points in each under standard fantasy scoring.